Product Manager

Years of Experience Required : 4 +

Job Description:

The job posting is for Product Manager / Business Analyst, but we’re happy to have you on board, even if you are relatively young and have strong relevant experience or you simply want to make a difference! This person will be responsible for managing products within Issuance platform of LivQuik’s Payments business for building Gifting and Wallet solutions.

Here is a brief on the role: –

Business –

Product Management is above all else a business function, focused on maximising business value from a product. You should obsess on optimisation to achieve business goals while maximising return on investment. Sorry, this does mean that you are a suit – but you don’t have to wear one!

Technology –

There’s no point defining what to build if you don’t know how it will get built. This doesn’t mean that you need to be able to sit down and code but understanding the technology stack and most importantly understanding the level of effort involved is crucial to making the right decisions. This is even more important in an Agile world where you will need to spend more time day to day with the development team than with anyone else inside the business.

User Experience –

Last but not least you are the voice of the user inside the business and must be passionate about the user experience. Again this doesn’t mean being a pixel pusher but you do need to be out there testing the product, talking to users and getting that feedback first hand – especially at a start-up.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Passion for continuous learning!
  • Love for innovation: You love to take any product apart and find 20 ways it can be improved.
  • Motivated by start-up life: You prefer working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and innovative environment.
  • Customer driven: Customers love working with you for your attentiveness, communication, and action orientation.
  • Data driven: You love working with data. You have a proven ability to quantitatively analyze product concepts, strategic opportunities, and competitive threats based on data.
  • Product leadership: Engineers and designers love working with you because you understand product design and development. You backup product plans with transparent process and analysis.
  • Teamwork and collaboration: You are effective at working with business teams and creating jointly owned goals and metrics.
  • Excellent communication skills: You can communicate product ideas through mockups and sketches, you can present data analysis to technical audience, you can speak to non-technical audience about optimizing our mobile experience. You are present effectively to different audiences.
  • Strong experience in designing easy to use, delightful user interfaces.
  • Minimum 4+ years product management experience for consumer facing products; 2+ years mobile product experience
  • Experience in shipping out products and managing subsequent versions