Meet Our Team

We are a team of young and highly motivated profesionals with the sole goal of making Mobile Payments a reality in India.
Chief Dreamer, Inveterate Thinker & Innovator
Mohit Lalvani
Co-founder, CEO
Tech Junkie, Biker. Metal Head & Guitarist
Yudhajit Nag
Co-founder, CTO
Another Tech Junkie, Party animal, Jazz Lover & Wanderer
Vinay Pinto
Co-founder, VP Technology
Dancer, Artist, Reader & Unconventional Thinker
Suma Bhattacharya
Co-founder, Strategy Consultant


The vision with QuikWallet is to enable merchants and users to be able to easily transact both in the offline and online space.


To enable Mobile Payments for Retail and F&B in India with their flagship product - QuikWallet.

About Us

QuikWallet provides solutions to enable merchants to accept card and digital wallet payments for both online and offline businesses. For online businesses, QuikWallet provides a flexible set of API’s and SDK’s which merchants can tweak according to their needs. For offline businesses, the platform provides solutions ranging from NFC, QR codes, Bluetooth beacons down to SMS which works without any data connectivity.

QuikWallet is an RBI approved semi-closed payment wallet which enables consumers to store their money and use it to pay across online merchants like Food ordering, laundry services & more; offline merchants like corner stores, restaurants, bars, supermarkets; and utility bills like Mobile, Data, Direct to Home TV, Electricity and more. QuikWallet’s merchant solutions interface with QW’s consumer facing products available across Mobile (Android, IOS) and Web (http://qw.cm).